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Founded in 1996, Michael Borish & Company, Inc. is a corporation that focuses on a range of financial and business sector activities and economic development issues in global markets. 

With direct experience in more than 65 countries, assignments have spanned all regions of Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, the US and Canada. 

... Michael Borish

Michael Borish has served as President

of this company since 1996. 

He has an MBA from the University of Chicago (1985), and a PhD from Carleton University (2020) in Ottawa, Canada. His PhD thesis: SME creditworthiness and financing issues: A global comparison of credit access patterns. 

Michael's CV

Michael has extensive experience​ in

banking and finance and with private

companies. Financial sector work has

included assessing banking sectors by

risk and comparative performance, designing and managing SME lines of credit, working in housing finance, and training central bank regulators and supervisors.

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